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20 Big Companies who accepts Ethereum

Let’s talk about companies Who accept Ethereum in this article, I am sure you would also want to know about them.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the most pursued cryptocurrency in the world. Founded in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and his team, it has come a long way to become the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

After being in existence for more than six years, it is still not readily accepted by companies as a form of payment when compared with Bitcoin.

The list of vendors who accepts Ethereum as payment is very saturated. Chances are that within a few years paying with Ethereum will just as common as paying with Fiat or Bitcoin.

Ethereum price & analysis:

Ethereum price has surged by 92% from last year and at the moment it is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market. It is expected to easily reach the fiat value of more than $300 this year.

But, it might go back to the old fiat value of 2019 if COVID-19 cannot be restrained from spreading. According to a recent report, it will affect the global economy if it spreads to other countries.

I do not foresee an awesome bull run in the crypto market as expected earlier. I think it will remain sideways after reaching a particular price point.

But. If you are still interested in investing in Altcoins in 2020, then Ethereum other than Chainlink is the best Altcoin for your portfolio.

Those of you who are holding ETH, keep on holding till the first quarter of this year. 

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Companies who accepts Ethereum as payment?


Let’s take a look at the list of online merchants who are accepting Ethereum as a form of payment. I will ensure that the list gets updated whenever a new big company starts accepting ETH.

Some of the listed vendors who accept Ethereum might not be known but, are trusted and reliable as they have been operational for more than a year now.

  • overstock.com – Tech-based online retailer
  • snel.com – Hosting service
  • gipsybee.com – Online market place
  • 35north.eu – Food retailer
  • coincards.com – Canadian based gift card provider
  • bitrefill.com – Gift cards
  • gamerall.com – Games related
  • seoclerks.com – SEO services
  • ethlance.com – Online job market
  • cointelegraph.com – News and Analysis
  • coingecko.com – Cryptocurrency based analytics
  • dapp.com – Dapp ranking
  • travala.com – Hotel booking and Flight tickets
  • trippki.com – Hotel booking
  • Impreza.host – Hosting within TOR network
  • coinloan.io – Crypto lending platform
  • privateinternetaccess.com – VPN service
  • minerstat.com – Crypto mining and management software
  • shopify.com – eCommerce Software
  • stakebox.org – Hardware staking wallets

Ethereum acceptance:

If we compare the acceptance of Bitcoin to Ethereum, it is rather less. One of the main reasons is its fiat value when compared with Bitcoin.

The other reason is that it is relatively new to the market. Some also argue that the Ethereum team is concentrating more on enterprise solutions than mass acceptance.

Then there is the issue of scalability on its network and surging gas price. These are some of the reasons which I think are making it less accepted as a payment alternative.

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Other ways to spend ETH:

With Ethereum debit cards, you can spend ETH on websites and stores that do not accept it directly. You can apply for a debit card on Coinbase and Bitpay. The only disadvantage here is that the services are restricted to a few countries like the US, UK, and European Union countries.

What I think:

So, here is the list of 20 Big Companies who accept Ethereum. But before you close this page please read my thoughts about Ethereum and its future prospects.

Ethereum is the second most accepted cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its popularity has grown ten folds in a short period of time than any other cryptocurrency in the market.

Investors and big companies love Ethereum Blockchain, it is evident based on the number of smart contracts active on it and with the hype of DEFI.

Ethereum has a long way to go and the team behind it is constantly at work. The next big thing will be Ethereum 2.0. But, I am not happy with its adoption for day to day purposes. 

The above list provides you with numerous choices to spend your ethereum. I am sure that in future this list will grow significantly.  

In the End:

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoyed writing for you.

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