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43 Companies who accept Bitcoin in 2020

Who Accept Bitcoin

Let’s today discuss global websites who accept Bitcoin as payment in 2020.

Bitcoin blockchain has brought us many advancements in the world of finance. It’s now possible for people to own their money without the need for a middleman or human intervention.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that was created as an alternative to Fiat currency and to promote decentralization.

The idea was to create a decentralized economy online where it can be used to pay for goods and also become a mode of payment between two individuals.

Slowly and steadily after a decade of its existence and getting killed numerous times, it is now being globally recognized as a new way of making payments by businesses for purchasing their goods and services.

So, if you are searching for websites to spend your Bitcoin then here is the list of 39 Global websites who accept Bitcoin as a payment.

Global website who accept Bitcoin as payment:

All the above-listed websites or platforms have been in existence for more than a year now some even for a decade. 

All of them are well-established stores with good popularity and good community backing, which means they are safe.

They have been termed global websites as they provide services or sell goods to the global audience.

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Other ways to spend Bitcoin:

With the inception of Bitcoin debit cards, you can also spend your Bitcoins on websites and stores that do not accept it directly.

You can apply for a debit card on Coinbase, Wirex, and Bitpay.

The only disadvantage here is that the services are restricted to a few countries like the US, UK, and European Union countries.

My thoughts?

The above list of websites who accept bitcoin as payment is not enough for someone like me.

Since, I always want to avoid fiat currency transactions as payment either locally or globally.

Companies should now include Bitcoin as an additional payment option. I am surprised to find only 39 new websites who accept Bitcoin.

Some argue that Bitcoin is not a suitable payment option due to its price volatility and fees. As Bitcoin’s network grows and improves this mindset will surely change in the future.

The above list will grow I am sure about it. But, it all depends on your effort too. If you are a local vendor or a supplier add Bitcoin as an alternate payment option.

If not, then discuss and inform others whenever you can, in order to spread the awareness of this awesome decentralized digital currency of the future. 

In the End:

I would like to thank you for reading this article. I enjoyed a lot gathering the information and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

I hope it helps you and in the future to spend your bitcoin for your personal use.

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