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Upland Game: What exactly is it?

If you are thinking about creating an NFT or a non-fungible token, we know that there is a lot of research. It might be possible that you have come across Upland while doing your research, and we wouldn’t blame you for that.

Upland game is one of the most buzzing NFT keywords right now. It is a brand spanking new metaverse, which is mapped to the real world. It aims to become one of the largest and most dynamic blockchain-based economies in existence. And boy, are they on a ride!

Upland game: So, what is it exactly?

It is a simulation of the Earth – kind of like a game – but way more serious. It has its whole economy, which operates on the laws of demand and supply.

Upland wishes to create some fun experiences as well as new opportunities for almost everyone at the intersection of real and virtual worlds.

2020 was a fantastic year for Upland. It became one of the top blockchain games globally while introducing a handful of core features that laid the foundation for a robust metaverse economy.

In 2021, Upland has plans in place to allow users to import NFTs from other blockchains through their NFT gateway. They have already added property development, businesses, NFT integrations, gamification, and so many things that excite us!

They believe in true ownership, and their dream is to reach every locale while expanding their virtual simulated world in which you can own properties.

Upland game and NFTs

The digital or virtual items present in the Upland game exist as NFTs on the blockchain. This gives into a fantastic concept called true ownership.

True ownership means that the only person that can access your account, as well as the assets within them, is you!

Two things produce the in-game market where users have a sense of ownership: one, the non-fungible nature of the items, and two, the influx of real money into the system.

Even though the items and properties that exist at NFTs on the blockchain may be virtual, the economy is real. The UPX coins used in the economy of Upland can be purchased primarily with real currency.

Guide to NFTs in Upland

In Upland’s metaverse, the property parcel NFT is a collection of geo-unique ‘Upsquares.’ Each Upsquare measures 3m X 3m each.

Each of these Upsquares is tied to a real-world address. They are minted on the blockchain, making them scarce assets.

Different types of NFTs make the Upland metaverse whole. 3D MapAssets appear on the surface of Upland’s map, while property-tethered assets can’t exist without being tethered to a property parcel. Portable assets, on the other hand, are not tethered to any property.

Dual-phase assets start as portable objects that are tradable. But once it is attached to a property, it becomes tethered and can’t be traded independently.

Speciality Assets like Block Explorers, Exclusive Upland Explorers, User-generated explorers, and Business licenses are designed to have special utility in Upland.

Upland and your city

Even though not all cities have their counterpart in the Upland metaverse, the team is trying their best to expand it.

The team knows that people want to own the properties they live near their real accommodations, and even though that has not been added yet, you can expect Upland metaverse to expand shortly.

What does this mean for your neighbourhood? Each neighbourhood in each city in Upland will have a development rating. It would be a score given to the neighbourhood based on their quality.

The quality is determined by the size, residents associated, supplemental items, number of businesses in that particular neighbourhood, and so on!

Your neighbourhood will have a collection spawned automatically for it once it reaches a certain development rating if it does not exist yet. Further advancements in development rating will increase the collection boost!



Presented as a game, Upland tries to connect NFTs and a metaverse in a unique yet systematic manner. Allowing the users to truly own parts of the metaverse and keeping the economy wholly based on demand on supply, we believe Upland is on a bright path.

I hope this guide on how to by NFT on the ethereum blockchain. helps you and if you have any queries related to it, leave your comment below. If you have not joined our community then you can now. We are very active there and have been sharing important information there.

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