Swipe Airdrop: Get SXP tokens every week for free

This airdrop is no longer active.

If you looking for more information related to the Swipe airdrop on the Binance Exchange then you have come to the right page? But first, let’s know more about Swipe?

What is Swipe?

Swipe is a Digital Wallet application combined with a Debit Card that allows clients to purchase, sell, and pay with their cryptographic forms of money.

The Swipe Wallet empowers clients to have a multi-resource computerized application with access to the entirety of its highlights upon check. Swipe Token (SXP) is utility-based digital money intended to be the gas and fuel of the Swipe Network.

Why Swipe is conducting an Airdrop?

In order to promote its wallet and engage the crypto community Swipe with the help of Binance exchange, together are airdropping a sum of 4,000,000 SXP tokens to BNB  holders.

In order to participate in the Swipe airdrop, you need to have a Binance account. If you do not have a Binance account then you can open one instantly without going through any KYC.

To know more about opening an account with Binance follow the below steps.

How to open a Binance account?

Here is a step by step guide on how to open an account on the Binance Exchange:

  • Visit Binance.com
  • Click on Register at the top right-hand side corner.
  • You can either register with your email or mobile number.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • Set up two-factor authentication for more security.

That’s all you need to do in order to open up an account with the Binance Exchange. You do not need to complete KYC for up to 2 BTC worth of transactions.

How to claim Swipe Airdrop?

The Swipe Airdrop of SXP tokens is only available on the Binance exchange. In order to claim those tokens, you need to have a Binance account.

If you do not have a Binance account you can open one by following the above step by step guide. After you have opened the account you need to purchase BNB, you can purchase it directly by using your Debit/Credit card.

You can also purchase BNB using other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DAI, PAX, USDT. USDC and others.

You need to purchase a minimum of 0.1 BNB in order to qualify for this airdrop. You can check the current price of BNB here.

After you have purchased BNB you now need to hold your BNB coins in your Binance wallets till the 2nd of November as of the 17th of August every week for the next 12 weeks Binance will take a weekly snapshot of your wallet.

All eligible users will receive SXP tokens based on the average BNB balance held in their Binance wallet for every week. A total of  333,333.33 SXP tokens will be distributed every week.

The Swipe airdrop rewards are calculated every week and are distributed within three days to all eligible accouts after the end of each week.

If you still have any doubts or you have queries regarding this article then some suggestions feel free to drop a comment down below and the CoinTikka team will help you out as soon as possible.



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