How to use Atomic Wallet for Android?

    For the past couple of months, I have been using the Atomic Wallet on my Android tablet and have been amazed by its smooth and multi-purpose interface. Apart from managing & storing your Crypto assets safely as well as securely, you can also use it to buy Cryptos by using your bank debit / credit card ( coming soon ), swap Cryptocurrency through Atomic Swap displayed as Exchange on the Android version.

    As a custody free cryptocurrency wallet, it supports over 300 coins & tokens. That is why it is also called as a multi cryptocurrency wallet. No registration is required for using Atomic Wallet. It is available both for Android and iOS.

    In this post I will go through the different screens and give you a brief description about them. So, that you do not have any issue while operating the wallet.

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    First, download the latest version of Atomic Wallet for Android by visiting this link – . It uses only 3.9 MB of storage space and more than 10000 people have already downloaded this wallet from the Playstore. After installation, open the wallet. The first screen that you will see is displayed below :

    How to use Atomic Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android?

    Let’s go through this screen. At the top, on both sides there are two links – New wallet & Restore. In the middle you can see a heading asking you to Enter password. This is where you need to enter your wallet password in order to unlock it.

    New wallet:

    In order to create your own wallet, tab New wallet at the top left hand corner. This will open up a new screen, where you will be asked to set a password for your wallet. After you have setup the password, you will be shown your 12 word passphrase. It is advised to write down you 12 words passphrase and keep it somewhere safe.

    How to use Atomic Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android?


    If you want to Restore your old wallet or if you are looking to migrate your existing wallet to a new device. Then, tab on restore. This will open up a new screen asking you to enter your 12 word passphrase.


    Enter password:

    In order to open your wallet ,you need to enter your wallet password here. Once entered the next screen that you will see is shown below. The screen displays all available wallets that you can use to store your assets on the Atomic Wallet.

    Atomic Wallet Main Screen

    On this screen at the bottom you will see four tabs: Wallet, Exchange, History, Buy crypto and Settings. Now, let’s go through these tabs one by one.


    This is the default screen that will be displayed whenever you unlock your wallet. At the top on the left hand side there is a filter icon and on the right side there is a plus icon. The plus icon is used to add custom tokens to your wallet as shown in the image below.

    How to use Atomic Wallet for Android?

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    In the middle, you will see the combined fiat value of your stored assets in USD. Below, there is a search bar to earch your favorite coin / token. On the right hand side of the search bar is the refresh screen icon. In case, if you face any issues with your Wallet you can contact them on Telegram or raise a support ticket. Join: Atomic Wallet Telegram Channel.

    In the middle, first coins with High Market Cap will be displayed and then tokens. The current fiat value as per coinmarketcap of all cryptocurrency listed is displayed below their respective symbol. The quantity you hold and their fiat value with percentage of gain or loss is displayed in front of the respective coins / tokens symbol.


    One of the best feature of Atomic Wallet is the Exchange tab. As mentioned earlier in this post. This is where you can swap your coins by paying a small fee. By default, it will display Bitcoin to Ethereum. At the top of the screen a text in red states the minimum amount required for you to complete this Exchange. Both Coins and token with higher market cap are listed here. You can check the list by selecting BTC or ETH on the screen. The charge for Exchange is very nominal. After you have decided which coin you would like to exchange, you need to click on the EXCHANGE button and it will be done in real time.



    This is the screen where any transaction that are done in your wallet will be displayed. You can check for credits, debits and on hold transaction here.  

    Buy Crypto:

    As mentioned earlier this feature is not available on the Android version. I will update this articlee as soon as this service is activated in the android version. Meanwhile you can download Atomic Wallet  Desktop Version use it to Buy Cryptos – Download

    Buy Links:

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    In this screen you will find different options to help you aswell as adjust your wallet preferences. Let’s go through those one by one.

    • Change password – If you want to change the password of your wallet.
    • Private keys – To get access to all the Private keys of your wallet.
    • Import – Import other wallet data by selecting this link.
    • Local currency – Change Fiat currency from USD to your Local currency.
    • Support – To raise a support ticket for any wallet related issue.



    If you want to participate for Airdrop, wherein you will be credited 25 AWC (Atomic Wallet Coin), then follow the instruction mentioned in Airdrop page and do verify your email. AWC isia Erc20 token, which is being traded on Index. If you are intrested in partciparting in this Airdrop, then do use my refferar Code: XQYM1 to get extra benefits. I had participated in the Airdrop a month back and did receive 25 AWC. Check out the balance of AWC in the below image.

    Airdrop AWC

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