How to Trade on Digitex Futures Exchange

How to Trade on Digitex Futures?

After a successful ICO, Digitex Futures launched its long-anticipated beta exchange on Nov 2019 offering zero-fee cryptocurrency futures trading.

The zero-fee trading feature is powered by its own native token $DGTX. Hence, it is mandatory to hold DGTX token to enjoy the commission-free trading on its platform.

Earn free DGTX tokens:

At this moment you can test the platform with 100000 dummy tokens. You can also participate in their trading competition with these dummy tokens in order to win real DGTX tokens.

The competition is being held for 90 days and the top 100 winners will be rewarded with free $DGTX tokens every day. 

RankNumber of tokens
11th – 100th100

It is one of the best opportunities to win native tokens for free with zero investment, unlike other giveaways organized by exchanges.

The competition only runs for an hour but, you can join numerous times throughout the day in order to improve your ranking.

How to Start:

Register for Free!

After you have completed the initial registration process, you need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you in your email address by the platform in order to complete the signup.

Next, sign in using your email address and password and then click on the Enter button at the top right side corner beside the hamburger menu to start the competition.

You will see two popups that provide information pertaining to the competition, read them to understand the rules and how points are calculated then click Enter.

How to Trade:

Digitex Futures screen1

On the left side, the spot Bitcoin price is displayed which updates in real-time. The Buy bar appears in green, the middle bar displays BTC price with a $5 interval and the Sell bar is displayed in red.

The numbers displayed on the Buy bar and the Sell bar is the number of contracts being traded. At the top left-hand corner, you can view your account balance and available balance.

Below the spot price and under the quantity title you can set up 6 different values depending on your available balance for trading. 

Digitex Futures screen3

In the above screen with the one-click feature, I have used 20000 tokens to purchase BTC at a price point of $9320 which is reflected in green on the spot price screen and under Matched orders.

Besides the Sell bar, you can view the profit tokens in green. I can sell my 20000 tokens by just clicking a contract on the sell bar beside the BTC price of $9325 to earn a profit of 2000 tokens.

Any order that is not executed will be displayed under Unmatched orders, you can cancel orders from there. The leverage bar is present below the balance, you can use 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 50x and 100x. 

Digitex Futures trading ladder is that simple.

How to buy DGTX token?

You can buy $DGTX on Digitex Futures exchange using your credit card. Alternatively, it is being traded on Mercatox and HitBTC at the moment. The current price of the token is displayed below.


In the end:

There is a saying “Practise makes perfect”, the same is applicable here. The more you practice the more perfect you will become in trading. Thank god actual money is not involved.

This is the best platform for anyone who wants to learn futures trading and trust me it is very simple as well as interesting. Thanks for reading this article I hope it helps you.

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