How to Earn Bitcoin Fast in 2020?



The world’s first and the most valued cryptocurrency Bitcoin reached its all-time high price of $17000 in December of 2017. It was created to become a peer to peer decentralized payment network but, went on to become one of the most sought after asset and is now compared with gold.

As one of the most sought after commodities after gold, the demand for Bitcoin is slowly and steadily increasing day by day. With the increase in demand, the value of Bitcoin has also risen in the past 10 years.  According to the latest price analysis, Bitcoin can easily surpass $50000 price in just a few years.

How to earn Bitcoin fast?

At present there are many ways by which you can earn Bitcoin and they are:

  • Mining (Cost is high but, ROI is less)
  • Bitcoin Faucet (pay is too low & lots of scams)
  • Bitcoin Games (Bitcoin is paid as a prize)
  • Salary (depends on the employer)
  • PTC (pay is too low)

In all the above ways you are required to invest a lot of time and somewhat money, wherein the payout is very less.

So, How to earn Bitcoin fast? In this article, I will be discussing a cryptocurrency forum, through which I am earning Bitcoin every day.

The forum I am referring to is known as Stake Forum, it is a Bitcoin casino community forum that is managed by

How to earn Bitcoin fast from Stake Forum?

Stake Bitcoin Forum created this forum to help and build its own community. If you are good in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Philippine and Portuguese language and are able to write then this platform is for you.

All you need to do is to create and reply to post. You should have the ability to engage the community, the more they engage the more you earn in Satoshi.

Forum Info:

The forum consists of six main topics and they are Stake, Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Off Topic, Russian and Local. Each topic has a subtopic for example Stake has Announcements, Introductions Stake Discussion, Stake Promotions, Initiatives, Stake Games, Stake Support and Forum Support.

Evaluation Period:

For the first 30 posts, you will not earn anything as your post quality is evaluated using various methods to determine your initial rating. The better your response/post is the higher the rating will be.

The rating is determined by numerous factors, this includes plagiarism score, amount of responses, the activity your topics produce, response quality, post length, the interval between posts and etc.

The higher is your rating the higher you earn Satoshi for each post.

How to earn Bitcoin fast:

my Bitcoin earning

Your earning starts between 15 – 30 post. You will start earning Satoshi (Bitcoin) for your contribution based on your rating set in the evaluation period. The maximum you can earn satoshi to create a single post is 7500 Satoshi and for a reply per post is 3000 Satoshi.

In the initial stage, you will be earning less. Therefore the more you contribute the more is the payout. My initial take was 519 Satoshi and now I average around 1000 Satoshi for a post reply and 3000 Satoshi for a new topic.


The minimum withdrawal limit on the forum is 10000 Satoshi, earlier it used to be 2000 Satoshi. This was done to increase the quality and stop the farming of Satoshi.

When you initiate a withdrawal request on the forum, the amount withdrawn gets instantly credited to the Bitcoin wallet. From there, you can withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet.

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how to earn Bitcoin is a Bitcoin casino, which means it only accept cryptocurrency as payments. As a first Stake is the only Bitcoin Casino that accepts six cryptocurrencies and they are – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple. It also provides a vault to store all the above cryptocurrency and a faucet to try games.

In order to use any one of the faucets, the wallet balance should be zero. There are a total of 14 games that you can play and they are Dice, Limbo, Hilo, Keno, Mines, Plinko, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Wheel, Diamond Poker, Baccarat, Crash and Slots.

Every day Stake conducts Giveaways on their Telegram channel as well as cryptocurrency giveaway for users on their live chat. There are also Gambling Challenges that are conducted more than twice in a month. Some of them have rewards over $1000 worth of cryptocurrencies.

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You can earn cryptocurrencies just by reading, writing and watching quality stuff every day. It is possible through PublixhOx which is a blogging based platform where registered users earn cryptocurrencies like BAT, DAI, HYDRO, and BNTY tokens every 10 minutes. 

You as a registered user are in control of your earning as you will be tipping the content creator and also crediting your account with the same. Here is the tipping bar that appears at the end of every article.

Earn Bitcoin Fast Publishox
You can withdraw your earned crypto instantly to your personal ETH wallet as soon as you reach the minimum threshold.

Cryptocurrency The minimum amount for Withdrawal
BAT 2.5665 BAT
HYDRO 580.1500
DAI 0.5005

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You can also earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by joining faucet. The below listed are the ones that I am using now and you can also as they are free. The reason for me using them is the amount they pay, ease of use, frequency of payment and low threshold to withdraw.


One of the highest-earning Bitcoin faucets, you can also earn Bitcoin by viewing an advertisement, watching videos, playing games and joining the offer wall. It allows only two faucets roll per day and you also get a loyalty bonus for staying active every day. There is no withdrawal fee attached.

Register on Cointiply


It is a faucet for Dogecoin, Bean Cash, Bytecoin, Digibyte, Siacoin, and Steem. You can claim only once in 24 hours in any of the above cryptocurrency. The payout is good and the withdrawal is immediate.

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