Guarda Wallet for Beginners

A Beginner’s guide on Guarda Wallet

Did you know that you can keep a single web/mobile wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies, tokens, or other assets? One that is safe, trusted, has great exchange facilities, and a clean user interface.

Guarda Wallet, which commenced its operations in 2017, as the first cryptocurrency wallet, has all these benefits and includes top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), etc.

It also supports tokens like Elrond (ERD), Unification (UND), etc. Guarda Wallet’s website may be visited to buy, sell, exchange any cryptocurrency across the world.

In line with the above, Guarda is building a safe ecosystem for blockchain transactions to operate. It is an open-source wallet and is easy to use. Further, as it is non-custodial, Guarda does not save user information and does not have any access to a user’s funds.

This makes them the most advanced wallet for cryptocurrencies and other assets. The users are time and again requested to maintain a backup.

For this purpose, an auto-download feature is available to store the backup with their wallet information on their desktop. You can use it in your phone and other compatible devices you have.

However, there can be many questions in the user’s head that if Guarda is unable to restore their wallet and keep it safe, then why should one use it?

This is because Guarda has given the freedom to its users to use the blockchain system and deal with it on their own. Hence, be careful while sending your funds because once it’s sent, no one can restore it for you on the blockchain. Nevertheless, for a safer ecosystem, Guarda Wallet is all you need.

Steps to Install web wallet:

To get started with your web wallet experience, follow these steps:

Guarda wallet web

  • Firstly, you need to go to the website After signing in, you can either create a new wallet or restore/import secret passwords/private keys from external wallets.
  • The user doesn’t need to create an account with Guarda. They allow the users to manage their cryptocurrencies on their own.
  • Download your backup file (a text file) as it is important for you to keep all the keys/passwords with you safe from prying eyes. You will be directed to your dashboard as soon as all your wallets are created or imported.
  • To continue, you can choose from the top currencies and tokens from the portfolio provided on your dashboard. It also supports ledger wallets. You can connect your ledger and use the functionalities of Guarda.
  • You can check the prices of different currencies in the respective rates against USD with a real-time graph showing yearly/monthly/weekly updates of the same.
  • To send currency to someone, you just need to choose the coin you want to send, enter the receiver’s address (encrypted or human-readable), and type in the required available amount from your wallet.

They have advance features for fees to be given to select the priority to your transaction (Satoshi per byte is a unit for measuring transaction priority).

Now you might ask,

Guarda wallet for android:

Guarda wallet portfolio

It is amazing that you can also use Guarda Wallet on your android phones by downloading the same from Google Playstore. You can use your backup file to use the same wallet on your mobile and trade wherever you want.

The mobile application makes it easier to use. Mobile Multi wallet is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, safety, and performance.

How to receive cryptocurrency?

To receive cryptocurrency from someone you can give the respective wallet address and public key (depends on the cryptocurrency you want to receive) or can share the QR code that the sender can use to send you currency.

Guarda wallet Receive

Staking Cryptocurrencies:

Besides the above features, Guarda also provides staking rewards based on held cryptocurrencies. Staking is a process in which a user participates in transaction validation on a Proof of Stake Blockchain.

Guarda wallet allows the staking of the following POS coins

  1. Callisto – 8.34%
  2. Cosmos – 2.09%
  3. EOS – 1.73%
  4. Neo – 2.16% 
  5. Tezos – 6.10%

The fee for Tezos is 11.30 XTZ  and for all the others it is a variable fee.

Other than this, Guarda wallet enables users to even monetize the cryptocurrency they hold through debit or credit card facilities, which are secured through Simplex. It is the most trusted fintech corporation for cryptocurrency trading.

Exchange Cryptocurrencies:

Guarda wallet exchange

The wallet comes with a build-in exchange using which you can exchange one cryptocurrency to another. For example, you can exchange Bitcoin with Ethereum, you can exchange a minimum of 0.0002 satoshis. The minimum exchange amount is applicable for all cryptocurrencies listed in the wallet.

Benefits of using Guarda wallet:

  1. Store a variety of cryptocurrencies at one place.
  2. Pocket exchange inside the app.
  3. Encrypted backup.
  4. Instant transfers.
  5. The user is in charge.
  6. No registration required.
  7. No KYC required.

With the idea of security and smooth functioning, it uses the FIO protocol. It is decentralized and integrated into wallets and exchanges service that allows you to get your own human-readable identifier/address for most of your assets.

The FIO themselves called it an e-mail ID for your cryptocurrencies and the FIO address is a human-readable identifier to which you can link your crypto wallets to Guarda and use it to send and receive transactions. This address has a username and domain that you can choose yourself.

Conditions for the FIO domain:

Creating an address is paid. The address is given to you for a year after which, you need to pay the address annually. You can have only one wallet of a specific blockchain linked to your FIO address. However, you can change the address at any time.

After creating your FIO address, you can make about 100 transactions without paying a fee. After this package ends, you need to pay for the address again or alternatively, pay for each transaction.


Cryptocurrency is referred to as virtual gold and this wallet helps you buy, sell, exchange, earn, and even monetize cryptocurrency with the norms, regulations, and rules within the operating countries of Guarda.

This Guarda Wallet review might have helped you know a bit about the trading of coins and about the most secure and best cryptocurrency wallet.

One that is easy to set up and fast to use. Users who have used it have learned by using it regularly and realized that this is a no-go-back journey.

I hope you liked this review if you still have doubts, feel free to comment down and we will help you out, as soon as possible.

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