Earn Free Bitcoin Instantly with Betroar worth $10

You now have the chance to earn free Bitcoin worth $10 instantly from Betroar.io. I have earned more than $10 and got my BTC credited to my personal wallet (payment proof at the end) and now you can too.

This is a limited time offer! so, hurry up and register. But first, you need to know what is this website all about? and How to earn free bitcoin by playing games.


Betroar.io is a month old website and is known for its unique Bitcoin game known as Bit brawler. You can check the below image in order to get a better understanding of the website.

Earn Free Bitcoin

Apart from Bit brawler they also have sports betting. I am not a huge fan of sports betting therefore I did not venture into that zone. If you are interested you can then give it a try.

Bit brawler is inspired by the nostalgic days at a video arcade in the 90s when you or your parents probably might have betted at the arcade while playing a classic fighter game.

It runs 24/7 and is constantly pitting over 9000 AI-controlled game characters against each other. It uses a simple rule if you have picked the winner out of the two fighters you win Bitcoin.

How does it work?

As seen in the above image there are two teams, team red, and team blue determined by the fighters. Every user can choose any one team and bet Satoshi’s on them.

If red wins then the total amount that was bet by both the teams is equally distributed among the users who opted for red. It is that simple! Here, you are playing with each other in real-time and not the house. 

How to earn free Bitcoin?

To earn free Bitcoin you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. First Register for Free!
  2. After registration, your account should be credited with 0.001 BTC.
  3. You have to fully bet the amount of 0.001 BTC  25x before you can transfer your winnings to your wallet.
  4. In addition to the airdrop, you also get a 100% first-time deposit bonus and a 50%, reload bonus for your next deposit.
  5. If you refer anyone you will also earn a 50% commission for a lifetime.
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Payment Proof:

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.00002100 BTC. Withdrawal takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. The below image shows my withdrawal request, which was processed within 24 hours.

withdrawal request earn free Bitcoin instantly

Important info:

If you create multiple IDs or generate fake referrals then your withdrawal request will not be processed. This offer is only valid if you are using our link to register on this website. BetRoar.io management has the right to terminate your account and also close this airdrop offer.

If you have any queries regarding then you can always contact the support team by clicking the yellow box at the bottom of the page. Before playing Bit brawler for the first time watch a few games in order to understand how the game functions and which character to choose? 

In the End:

Although this offer is presently running, we still cannot guarantee you the airdrop as the management of Betroar has the right to stop this offer at any given time.

You do have the option to deposit BTC and play on the website or you can use their faucet to test the game.

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