CryptoTab Browser: Is it better than the Brave Browser?

While searching on Google about cryptocurrency mining, I came across an article about Browser-based mining. The articles claimed that you can mine BTC using a web browser known as the CryptoTab browser.

Hard to believe isn’t it? but, I wanted to know still whether it is possible to mine BTC using a web browser. That is why I downloaded it on my laptop and started using it and found many good and bad things about this browser.

I wanted to compare it with the Brave browser which presently is my default browser. Therefore I started using both simultaneously to check which one suited my requirements the best and was able to find somewhat similar yet different specifications between them.

If you were searching on Google to know more about the CryptoTab browser then you have come to the right page. This article is a detailed report of my experience with this browser and the comparison with the Brave browser.

What is CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab is a web browser based on the Google Chrome(Chromium) platform. Basically, it is a fork of Google Chrome. It uses a built-in mining function to mine Bitcoin while you are surfing on the Internet. 

Mining Bitcoin using CryptoTab is very different than the conventional mining technique. It uses a unique method of mining BTC, wherein the collective power of all computers connected with the browser is used to mine BTC.

Which in simple terms mean, the more members are there in the network(under you) the more you can mine BTC.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, you will earn a decent amount of Bitcoin, when you create a network of referrals using your own referral link. The below image displays the percentage you earn in their level plan based on the number of Individuals under your network.

Cryptotab browser

That does not mean that it is compulsory for you to generate referrals, you will be able to earn Bitcoin without referring anyone too but, it will be less.

Payment Plan:

Here is a simple calculation on how much you can earn every month if you refer 5 individuals who also refer the same number and if it continues till level 10.

CryptoTab browser earn BTC

Cool! isn’t it. The above picture reflects the power of referral-based income also known as passive income. Practically it not possible to go down to level 10 but, it is possible to achieve level 2. The best way to achieve this level is by introducing your friends and family with the concept.

 If not then you still can earn just by using this browser all by yourself which is far much better than what you get by using other browsers that do not pay you a single penny.

You can request a withdrawal of your earned Bitcoin into your personal wallet after you have reached the minimum payment limit of 0.00001 BTC. You do not pay any fees or charges to receive your payment.

Pros & Cons:

Below is the list of Pros and Cons that I found out while using the CryptoTab browser.



  • Better and Efficient than the Chrome Browser.
  • All Chrome-based plugins can be used.
  • 10 level referral program.
  • Earn BTC while you surf.
  • Sync’s easy with Google account.
  • Overwrites Google Chrome after sync.
  • Automatically becomes the default browser without permission.
  • It starts itself automatically every time you log onto the system.
  • Poor Support.

Before we check what are we getting with both the browsers here are few articles on Brave browser that might interest you.

My Earnings:

cryptotab browser earnings

As you can see in the above image I have earned a small amount of 0.000010065 all through affiliate earning. My contribution is only 58 satoshis worth of Bitcoin. You can also do the same by referring your friends and family.

My Payment:

The minimum amount that you can transfer to your personal Bitcoin wallet is 0.00001 satoshi. Payment takes one working day as per the website but in general, it takes 2 working days.

Received my second payment in just 24 hours. You can too now by downloading the browser either on your computer or on your mobile devices.

cryptotab browser bitcoin payment


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  2.  4 reasons why I prefer Brave browser over Chrome browser.

CryptoTab Browser VS Brave Browser:

CryptoTab Browser

Brave Browser

  • Does not Block Advertisement.
  • Earn Bitcoin while surfing.
  • It does not have Private Browsing.
  • Does not Block Trackers.
  • Blocks Advertisement.
  • View Advertisement to earn BAT tokens.
  • Supports Private Browsing(TOR).
  • Blocks Trackers.
Download CryptoTab Browser for freeDownload Brave Browser for free

In the End:

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Both browsers are best in their own domain. It depends on you which one would satisfy your needs. I prefer using the Brave browser most because I tend to get annoyed with those ads that are all over the web pages and youtube. For me, Privacy is the main concern and Brave browser does that job beautifully without you knowing what is happening in the background.

On the other hand, the CryptoTab browser is good for those who want to earn Bitcoin for their time spent browsing the Internet. Who will not like to earn BTC for free? after all, it is one of the most sought after commodity in the 21st century. In the future, it is a possibility that 1 Bitcoin would be more valuable than Gold.

Earning BTC without any referral is a slow process on the CryptoTab browser but, at the moment you are earning nothing when you use other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Safari. Who knows? seeing you earning through your browser your friends might join your network.

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