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4 Best Cryptocurrency Games to earn free Cryptocurrencies

Best Cryptocurrency Games to earn free Cryptocurrencies

The pandemic has compelled us to sit glaring at screens 24/7, be it the laptop, phone, tabs, or the now-so-obsolete television. So have we just become screen potatoes, blurred our vision, and gained nothing significant?

Well, that can’t be entirely true! A concept our parents aren’t fond of called GAMING has proved to be profitable for me in these redundant times.

Did you make money playing games?

Yes, crypto money!

You can too do this by playing crypto games. In this, the players sell a wide range of in-game things. Talking about the recent statistics about these games surfaces some exciting results. The most famous of them had been determined by their peak activity in the past week of March 2021.

The parameters of an individual player which are considered while playing such crypto games are measuring their strategic behavior, placing a bid, completion of the transaction, and winning of objects. And also, it is to be noted that only a specific category of active wallets is examined in it.

4 Cryptocurrency Games to earn free Cryptocurrencies

We will be looking at the five top cryptocurrency games that will make crypto enthusiasts maximize their trading skills and earn more profits.

Satoshi Quiz

This game allows crypto gamers to obtain free Bitcoins by acknowledging random data questions. Quick prep for this would be acknowledging the queries or questions from different categories like geology, films, books, General Knowledge, etc.

There are many such categories involved in that. To earn Bitcoins, you have to get yourself signed in the initial stage and try to be among the top 3 to get your query right.

The earnings keep rotating depending on the queries. Each time you give a response, the life tally is reduced by one.

This depends on the chance that you answer ten questions incorrectly, your prospects will keep on decreasing, and to retain them, the only thing that you can do is trust the hours for getting more lives. The minimum withdrawn balance is 11,000 satoshis.


Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is another crypto game in which the players are permitted to interchange their digital currency under a specific set of rules. No player is allowed to play under risky or loss rendering scenarios.

The game provides a chance to win Bitcoin and other crypto cash. The commitment between Altcoin Fantasy and the demo account states that genuine cryptos can be achieved by using their exchanging test system.

A basic sign-up is necessary to start trading on Altcoin Fantasy.

Name, Email, password, then verify.

One can also purchase numerous financial standards in this game by visiting the website’s commercial center. Once you start exchanging process, $10,000 will be provided to you in virtual form.

The returns are in Coinbase, Ethereum, Binance, etc., which are the pioneers of crypto exchanges.

Thus, getting a direct Binance or Coinbase account also proves to be beneficial as these sites, in turn, have their respective discounts and gift coupons.



As the name indicates, gamers are required to pop coins in this. This game comes under one of those which rewards players with Bitcoins and also rewards users with badges such as “Pump It,” “Lambo,” “To the Moon.”

The game is followed by a relative idea present in android games such as Squash, but with a twist of Cryptocurrency. Not only in Bitcoins, but Cryptopop also pays players in other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

So, ten-game points = 1 PopCoin token.

Hmm, that’s an interesting equation.

Register your ERC-20 wallet address, and they will airdrop real crypto tokens (PopCoin) to your address. The amount will be proportional to the highest score on the leaderboard.

While starting the game, the user has to choose his/her wallet and provide Coinbase account details. And to win the maximum reward, the player must be able to match the most extensive collection of indistinct coins altogether.

The coins in the game need to be tapped twice to be destroyed.


Spells of Genesis

Introduced by EverdreamSoft, Spells of Genesis is an exceptional game compared to other Bitcoin games for all mobile platforms. The game allows its users to have and swap cards for BTC, which you can further utilize for trading in for cash.

Spells of Genesis also permits players to use their cards to toss fireballs or assault them towards their objectors.

Spell of Genesis is an amalgamation of intuitive gameplay and a deep strategy commonly found in state-of-the-art trading card games.

Players essentially earn crypto by building their asset base to exchange for real value on decentralized global markets.

In the end, playing this game is relatively easy until you invest your time and effort into it.



So these are some of the best Bitcoin games you can play to carry out trading in an easier way. And to do so, you will have to imbibe strong potential, skills, and patience to achieve positive results.

Before playing any of these crypto games, it is advised that the player should consider all the mentioned conditions of respective games and then only start playing.

We can even turn the tables here and urge our parents to play a few crypto games, making earning fun and worthwhile.

I hope this article helps you and if you have any queries related to it, leave your comment below. If you have not joined our community then you can now. We are very active there and have been sharing important information there.

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