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5 Best Cosmos Wallets (ATOM) [2022 Edition]


Cosmos is another cryptocurrency project that can interoperate with different blockchains and create an ecosystem for those blockchains. You must find a cosmos wallet that can store your ATOM tokens securely and also provide staking functionality.

One of the best ways to stake your tokens is through a Cosmos-supported wallet. Exchanges support Cosmos tokens, but they do not always provide staking functionality. A Cosmos-supported wallet will allow you to securely store your tokens and also provide staking functionality.

Software wallets mentioned on our list are compatible with the Ledger hardware wallets, so you can use them to store your cryptocurrencies securely. They all have different features, so it’s worth spending some time reading our list of best Cosmos Wallets.

So, let’s get started!

Best Cosmos Wallets

On our list of Cosmos wallets, our focus would be first on wallets that are reputed, secure and safe. We would cover hardware wallets, desktop wallets and mobile wallets. We would not cover web-based wallets as we consider them not to be safe or secure.

Ledger wallet:

Ledger is a cold storage wallet that is generally an encrypted device that keeps a user’s Cosmos (ATOM) coins offline. They offer an extra degree of protection against the ever-evolving risks of being online.

One of the most common cold storage methods is paper wallets and hardware wallets. Paper wallets involve printouts of your private key and are thus relatively safe to store in a digital format.

Hardware wallets, on the other hand, are much safer because they are generally kept offline, but still, allow the user to access their funds by providing them with a unique PIN code or other means of authenticating themselves.

Both methods are fairly easy to set up and use and offer increased protection from theft or loss. It is recommended that users consider both methods when choosing a storage method for their ATOM coins.

The Cosmos ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency is ATOM. Validators here are in charge of dealing with transactions and they earn incentives for creating blocks, which are then distributed to them according to the commission rate.

AirGap wallet

AirGap is a unique wallet that uses two device crypto wallet system wherein a user has to use two smartphones to utilize the full potential of this wallet.

Two smartphones here mean, a user of the AirGap wallet needs an old smartphone, which will be used as a hardware wallet and a new smartphone to access those stored crypto assets on the old smartphone.

As explained the hardware wallet is known AirGap wallet, which is your old smartphone and the AirGap vault is the software you download on the new smartphone.

If you do not want to invest in a hardware wallet and you have a working old smartphone then the AirGap wallet is for you. We again would not recommend this wallet if you are looking for a wallet that can securely hold your crypto assets for the long term.

Ellipal wallet

Founded and launched in 2018, the Ellipal wallet is a mobile-friendly hardware wallet that does not need a  computer and a user can use the wallet while on the move.

Ellipal Titan {formerly known as Ellipal} users will be able to view their crypto assets, swap, stake, send, receive, and check the market valuation using it.

The hardware device comes with a huge colourful touch screen that does look more like a smartphone but in originality, it is another crypto wallet that has cold storage wallet features. It is just like other hardware wallets but it is unique because of its functionality.

It comes with a feature that is not available on any other hardware wallet, which also makes it very secure as well as safe. This feature is known as AirGappped. In simple words, it means it does not come in direct contact with any kind of network connection.

After reading the above line you might be thinking then how does it perform a transaction? This is where it becomes different from other hardware wallets. It comes with a camera using which you can scan the QR code generated using the mobile app.

Trust wallet

One of the most used mobile wallets is the Trust wallet. It is a noncustodial but not an open-source wallet. Not being an open-source can be an issue for some of you but we think Trust wallet has already created its reputation of being a safe and trusted wallet.

One of the main reasons why everyone uses this wallet is that it is very easy to use and can connect to dApps while on the go. Another reason is that it was the first wallet to support the Binance chain.

Trust wallet supports both Android and iOS versions and you can download it for free from either the Google play store or the App store. Trust wallet also supports the cosmos blockchain. You can also stake your ATOM coins using this wallet.

Exodus wallet

Exodus is not an open-source wallet. It is a non-custodial, multi-cryptocurrency wallet which is available for both mobile devices and desktop devices. We listed this wallet because it is available for multiple devices and also its ease of use.

It comes with multiple features such as you can send, receive, exchange and stake cryptocurrencies. With this wallet, you can also stake your ATOM coins without any issue.

Creating a backup of your wallet is very simple and easy. You can also set up notifications for receiving cryptocurrency, sending cryptocurrency and exchanging funds.

You can also set up your preferred local currency on Exodus wallet which enables you to determine the local fiat value of your crypto assets. Through the wallet interface, you can also contact support.

Where to buy Cosmos(ATOM)?

Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

$ 9.79

Cosmos has a lot of potential in the future and if you are someone who is looking for a long term profit gain then ATOM should be part of your portfolio. We understand that you might be aware of where you can purchase it.

If you want to help our blog financially then do buy ATOM from one of the recommended exchanges listed below.


If you’re looking for wallets that support specifically the Cosmos blockchain and can also hold all of your ATOM coins for the long term gain then you don’t have to look much further than those listed in this article.

These wallets are durable, safe, secure, and trusted. They have been designed with ATOM coins in mind, so that you may choose the one that is ideal for you.

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