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4 Reasons Why I Prefer Brave browser over Chrome browser

Why the Brave browser? and not the Chrome browser is a question that can be only answered after you have Downloaded and used it to browse the internet. There are four main reasons for using the Brave browser and they are Security, Speed, Rewards, and Privacy.

Brave browser is built on the Chromium platform, if you are not familiar with it then let me tell you chromium is an open-source project maintained by Google on which the Chrome browser was built. Therefore Brave browser supports almost all Chrome extensions. 

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Brave browser is the product of Brave Software, co-founded by Brendan Eich the creator of Javascript and co-founder of the Mozilla browser. It is free to use and is available for desktop, android, and iOS.

I have been the Brave browser along with the chrome browser for more than a year now and I must say it is far better than Chrome. Let’s start with the first benefit of using it.


As chrome is a product of Google, it stores user data like location, logins and etc. Brave, on the other hand, does not store any user data. it also automatically upgrades to HTTPS for secure, encrypted communication.  This proves brave is much more secure than Chrome


While Chrome is heavier (1.8MB) and takes more space, brave on the other hand is lighter(1.24MB) than Chrome and that is the reason it loads faster.  It does not support banner advertisements and ad trackers which allows a website to load 8 times faster(as claimed by the brave software). The video demonstrates the loading time.

But, it does allow the display of textual ads in the search result on Google. Here is an image of my search result on Google using the brave browser. I used the keyword web hosting and you can see textual ads being displayed.

brave browser search

In actual usage, the browser loads faster than chrome, but it is not 8 times faster as claimed by the company. What I liked most about the browser is that you no longer need to see those annoying ads while browsing. 


This is where Brave scores 10/10 over chrome. With it, you can use two kinds of Private tab windows. The first one is called the New private tab window, which uses a non-tracking technology similar to the incognito window in chrome. The second one is called New private window with Tor, which makes you as a user completely anonymous or invisible to the ISP, employer or the website you are visiting.

brave browser tor


Brave software rewards its user through its Blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Both content creators and their users are rewarded through their native cryptocurrency token known as BAT(Basic Attention Token). Users are also given free tokens every month, which they can tip to their favourite content creators like us.

Currently, the value of BAT is  $0.189. BAT is being traded on more than 10 exchanges and BAT ROI is 12.67%.  You can buy it on Binance


In the end, I would like to add with the Chrome browser you are always connected to the Google ecosystem. This means that you are being constantly tracked, which is a serious invasion of your privacy. We have been ignoring it for a long time as we never had a better option. Thankfully we now have the Brave browser. Download it today and give it a try. 

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