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5 Must have crypto extensions for Brave browser

If you are a cryptocurrency trader or investor, it is essential for you to always stay connected with the market and remain safe while using your web browser.

In general, everyone uses Chrome as their primary browser. The problem with it is that it is slow, allows tracking cookies and loads a lot of unwanted advertisements. 

Recently, I have been using the new Brave browser, which is actually the fork of Chrome. It is fast, blocks tracking cookies and advertisement. 

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As Brave is a fork of Chrome it also allows you to add extensions from chrome. Some of these extensions, when added to your browser, will increase your efficiency and productivity.

List of crypto extensions:


Metamask is a browser-based Ethereum wallet that also acts as a bridge between the browser and the decentralized exchange. It is can be downloaded from the chrome store or the Metamask website. 

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Download Metamask

CoinMarketCap Price Ticker

Brave browser


As the name states this extension displays real-time data from coinmarketcap such as fiat value, percentage up, percentage down and etc.

The primary benefit of using this extension is that you can view the realtime price of a particular cryptocurrency and get notified for the drop percentage.


  1. Displays information of 5 cryptocurrencies.
  2. You can set up your favorite 5 cryptocurrencies.
  3. Has an in build cryptocurrency price convertor
  4. Fiat currency can be changed to your local currency.
  5. It has both Day and Night mode for display.


  1. Only price drop sound notification.
  2. Only 11 Fiat currency is available.


Privacy Badger

Chrome Browser

Privacy Badger as the name states adds extra privacy features to your browser. It blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.

Since these features are built-in with the brave browser and are not present in the chrome browser, it is best to add this extension to the chrome browser.

Anyways, I have still added this extension on my Brave browser to make it more secure.



Chrome Browser extensions

This is one extension that everyone should install in order to protect themselves from phishing websites. Netcraft determines that you are visiting the correct website.

There has been a lot of incidents of scammers creating replica websites of exchanges and then advertising them on Google or sending the link through phishing emails. 

Such scams can be stopped by adding this extension to the browser as it determines the correct URL of a website.


  1. It provides detailed information like country, hosting service, SSL certification details and etc.
  2. Displays the correct URL when the icon is clicked.


  1. You have to click the icon to get details.
  2. Lack’s visual or sound notification.


Bitcoin Kit


Bitcoin Kit is an extension that tracks the performance of Bitcoin. It has features like price alert, Live charts, technical analysis, projection analysis, buy and sell recommendation and many more. 

It offers everything to keep you updated about Bitcoin.  I still would not recommend you to blindly follow the buy and sell recommendation feature. 


How to Install extensions on Brave Browser?

If you are not sure, how to install extensions on Brave Browser? then follow the below steps to install Metamask

  1. Download the Brave browser then open it.
  2. Click on the hamburger icon(the one with three lines) at the top right-hand side corner of your Brave browser.
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Extension(left-hand side menu).
  5. Click on Manage extensions
  6. Click on Web Store from the wording “Find extensions and themes in the Web Store”
  7. Search Metamask.
  8. Click on Add to Chrome.


The above five extensions are a great help for your cryptocurrency business. Although some of them might not interest or may not meet your requirements as such, still these extensions can easily fulfill your basic day-to-day needs.

I hope this article helps you as a trader or as an investor. Thanks for reading it. If you have not joined our community on social media then you can follow us on 

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