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Blockchain Games: Earn Crypto with these mobile games

The beginning of the day is a moment to look forward to, nothing can be more fun than starting a new day with a new game and to add to that fun you also get paid to play those games on your mobile device

Blockchain games are evolving every day, they are thrilling and full of excitement as other non-blockchain games but are more focused on the development.

This article on blockchain games will help you decide which one to choose and how to earn crypto while playing. But first, let’s understand the difference between blockchain games and non-blockchain games

What is different about Blockchain games

In one word a Blockchain game is a decentralized game utilizing the power of Blockchain technology. The biggest difference between a traditional gaming platform and a blockchain gaming platform is that it is centralized.

Blockchain games are based on smart contracts and are open source they can be upgraded and redeveloped by other developers. They are available on multiple servers and most of these games either use an exiting Blockchain network or they create their own.

5 Best Blockchain games

1. Spells of Genesi

Spells of Genesi blockchain game

You have to try “Genesis Spells” — one of the first bitcoin games in the category RPG if you are involved in Role Playing Games. This title blends trading card games and arcade features effortlessly.

Genesis spells are completely accessible, making it a great entrance for beginners. The game is based on blockchain technologies and allows you to capture and swap gaming orbs and try them on the Asian planet.

You gather and gain all things and cards by playing Genesis’ spells and are yours for truth and added to the blockchain. That’s precisely what makes it an appealing game for people who want to win Bitcoin. These items can be omitted and traded outside the game quickly.

It is easy to examine why they would prefer this path to inspire new players to start without prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies, while at the same time they would hate the harsh blockchain enthusiasts.

The best advantage, though, is that, if you satisfy the criteria, you can already turn your in-game cards to blockchain money, so that a “play-to-earn” scheme can be made feasible if the game gets high enough traction in the months and years ahead!

Download the Game

2. EOS Knight

EOS Knights Blockchain game

EOS Knight is the first blockchain game that runs on EOS blockchain. Although you can play it on your browser using the chrome extension it is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

As the name suggests it is an action game where you collect materials, craft items, adopt animals, and trade in the market using the EOS-based smart contract.

Download EOS Knight

3. Worldopo


Worldopo is a blockchain game based on the clone of the global economy. It is one of the few crypto games at the forefront of technology. it blends increased reality and augmented reality with blockchain and DAG technology.

The players in this game can purchase actual streets in actual cities worldwide, using Google Maps and Open StreetMaps. They can target houses, collaborate with others, and help to guide world economies.

Worldopo has mining farms in-game, too. They encourage users to earn their native WPT token from Bitcoin, Ether, and Worldopo.

Download Woldopo

4. Alien Run

Alien Run Blockchain game

Alien Run is surely worth trying out if you like retro arcades. The gameplay is simple but irresistible: You accept the place of a stranger who has to safely jump, escape, and run to security and avoid objects.

When you advance to the tiers, your alien can develop strength and new powers. More specifically, for each completed level you can also receive prizes. The challenge of stages progresses over time and Bitcoin incentives are also available.

You will build up Bitcoin earnings by deciding to play specific levels each day. Run from Aliens might be for you if you like games with an expedition and daily challenges that get increasingly harder to keep you on your toes.

Download Alien Run

5. Cryptopop


Similar to candy crush, crypto pop is a popular blockchain game where you can earn Ethereum and popcoin. You need to group Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple, and Neo coins together to pop them.

The concept of this game is very simple, the more coins you manage to group together, the more points you earn. You will get “Pump It”, “Lambo” and “To the Moon” badges depending on how many coins you blast.

The lesser the coins you end up the higher will be the reward at the end of each stage. You need to have a coinbase exchange account in order to earn ETH, if you do not have one then click here to signup.

Download Cryptopop

Final Thoughts

With progress, this joint initiative will continue to raise broad acceptance of blockchain and the gaming industry. The games are successful, so maybe the adaptability is not so far away.

Time alone will tell us, but before that time we have at least some fun ways of earn crypto while playing games. Tons of games are accessible for experimentation.

What do you expect? Simply immerse yourself in the world of blockchain gaming and discover the many multifaceted games to feed the young you.

I hope you like this article and if you have any doubts regarding it or if you want to add another game to this list then do leave your valuable comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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