2 Best Free Blogging Platform to Earn Cryptocurrency

2 Best Free Blogging Platform to Earn Cryptocurrency

Let’s today discuss the best free blogging platform to start a blog and earn cryptocurrency from day one.

There are two kinds of Blogging platform available at the moment.

  1. Self-hosted.
  2. Free platforms.

Self-hosted – A website that is hosted on a paid web hosting and created using a content management system like WordPress.org or WordPress hosting after purchasing a custom domain name.

On a self-hosted website, after you have created a blog and written a few blog posts, you have to wait for a minimum period of six months before you can apply to an advertising platform and start your earnings.

Still, it is not guaranteed that your application will be approved.

Free platform – A blog hosted on a free web host and does not have a custom domain name. Some of these platforms also provide both paid and free plans.

Some popular blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress blog, Medium and etc. On a free platform, you will have minimum customization options and your earning will always remain zero.

Unless you move your blog to a self-hosted version or avail a paid plans. The question that might come into your mind now, which is then the best free blog site?

To know the answer to your question, you have read this article till the end without skipping any parts.

Best free Blogging platform:

1. PublishOx:

PublishOx is one of the best blogging platforms where you get paid in cryptocurrencies from day one.

What is unique about PublishOx is that it is the only blogging platform where not only the writers get paid to write but also the readers to read their articles.

Frankly, I have never seen or heard any other blogging platform providing the same kind of feature and that just blew my mind.

To be approved as a writer on it you only need to fill a few details about yourself on a form and add a link of your blog (Self-hosted & free blogs on Medium or WordPress are accepted).

They will review your application form and notify you whether you have been approved or not within a few hours through email.

I got accepted overnight.


PublishOx works on the principle of Tips, at the end of every article and before the comment section, you will see a tipping bar as shown in the image below.

publishox tipping best blogging platform

Every registered reader can tip the article writer based on his desired percentage. I personally have received more than 20 BAT tokens in just one week through the tip bar on one of my articles.

Readers can tip only once in every 10 minutes and to the same author once every 24 hours.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Currently, there are three cryptocurrencies that are supported for payment. They are decided by an internal algorithm, whenever a tip is given. You can get paid either in any one of these cryptocurrencies and they are BAT, DAI & HYDRO.

All of them are ERC-20 tokens which means you need to have an Ethereum wallet. Payments are transferred to your wallet every week on Monday. There is though a minimum payment threshold required to get paid.

For Basic attention token, you need to earn a minimum of 2.6315 BAT, 0.4951 for DAI and  979.2650 for HYDRO.

So, what are you waiting for click the below link and start earning cryptocurrencies?

Register for Free

2. read.cash:

Read.cash is another best free blogging platform that rewards its content creators in Bitcoin cash (BCH). On this platform will see writers writing articles mainly about the cryptocurrency market.

Here you do not need to apply to become a writer. As soon as you register you are allowed to write on this platform. It is very similar to the Medium platform.


You can earn BCH by writing an article or by writing some constructive comments on articles. Both comments and articles allow you to earn some Bitcoin Cash if somebody upvotes what you have written. 

You can read more about the earning system on this platform by reading this articleSo, what are you waiting for click the below link to register and start earning?

Register for Free

Pros and Cons of both:

Compatible with the mobile device.It does not support google analytics.
Images and Videos can be added.Fewer customization features.
Easy to use.The search function does not work well.
Zero investment required.No mobile app yet
Fast and secure interface.It does not have a notification for followers.

My Thoughts:

I have used both the platforms and in my opinion, PublishOx is better than read.cash. It pays you to just read an article as a reader and for a writer that depends on the number of views.

While on read.cash you have to wait for an upvote on your article to earn BCH as a writer and for a reader his/her comments need to be upvoted.

On both the platform you can write articles on different topics, it is not compulsory to write only about cryptocurrencies.

But, your earning will be fast if you can write articles related to cryptocurrency as the user base mainly consists of cryptocurrency and blockchain lovers.

I have seen many existing YouTubers and Pro bloggers also using these platforms to earn extra every month. You can also do the same and also promote your blog or youtube channel through them.

I did publish a couple of articles on these platforms. Below you can see my earning from two articles on PublishOx. 

Publishox earning from best free blogging platform


If you are not aware of BAT tokens then let me remind you it is the native token of Brave browser. You can read more about it here.

If you are interested to know more about passive income in cryptocurrency through staking then below are a few articles related to this topic.

Both these platforms have their own ambassador/affiliate program, wherein you get to earn a commission if someone registers on them using your referral link.

On PublishOx you earn  5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral.

On read.cash you earn 3% of any spending and any earning for a lifetime (including sponsorships) by your referrals.  The best part about it is that referral links can be generated for any article or any topics.

In the End:

Thanks for reading the article on best free blogging platform. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

I would recommend you to join both the platform and give them a try.

In case if you have not joined our community on social media then please do so we are available on the following:

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