5 Best Bitcoin Debit Card for 2022

5 Best Bitcoin Debit Card for 2022

Bitcoin Debit Card showed the world that digital currency doesn’t rely on banks or governments. It increases the curiosity of the people about bitcoin debit cards, and you are also on that list.

With the increasing curiosity about cryptocurrency on the rise, people are curious about how to use cryptocurrency in day-to-day expenses and looking for more options for Bitcoin Debit Card.

It’s no surprise that people are excited to learn more about how crypto debit cards and their benefits. Wanna know more about cryptocurrency debit cards?

Tune on for the quick journey of the best Bitcoin debit card!

What is a Bitcoin Debit Card?

Just like other conventional debit cards, cryptocurrency, or you can say Bitcoin debit cards offer you to complete day-to-day transactions. 

Now, the general thinking is how a Bitcoin debit card works? You can jump to the next paragraph and know in detail, how a Bitcoin debit card works in your day to day transaction?

How to use Bitcoin Debit Card for your Day-To-Day Expenses?

Let’s end the curiosity on how they work? If you own a Bitcoin debit card, you have to top up your card with the digital currency as per your requirement by visiting an exchange website or their mobile app.

Now you are ready to hit the shops to buy any products according to your needs.

Let’s suppose you finally get that long-awaited Burger with your Bitcoin debit card. After you complete your transaction through your crypto debit card, the provider of the card will convert your Bitcoin into cash, the restaurant will get the payment in currencies authorized by the government like USD, GBP, or EUR.

Why should you Quit a Normal Debit Card?

A general question comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about Bitcoin debit cards. The short answer to the question is: you’ll probably get some amazing and exciting perks.

You’ll be able to use your Bitcoin debit cards even for ATM withdrawals — and many of the products you are surrounded with also support this debit card like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Although some debit cards offer rewards, such as cashback on transactions or airport lounge access, so it’s quite more useful and profitable with Bitcoin Debit Card shopping.

Now, your curiosity is increasing to get to know about the most advantageous bitcoin debit card. So, let’s move on to the next part of the article.

Best 5 Bitcoin Debit Card

Binance Debit Card

Binance debit card

Binance has launched a debit card that is only available to Binance users. It will allow them to withdraw cash from any ATM in the world without fees and exchange it for cryptocurrency anywhere, no matter what network they are on.

The Binance Debit Card, known as the first of its kind, was created by Binance Labs and is compatible with Visa and Mastercard networks.

Binance users will also be able to get their cryptocurrency exchanged for fiat currencies and vice versa at any exchange, no matter what network they use.

All these features come without any additional monthly fees and monthly limits set by banks or financial institutions.


Crypto.com Debit Card

crypto.com debit card

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based company that offers a debit card that can be used to spend cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.

The Crypto.com Debit Card is available through any of the following Crypto.com partner banks and can be loaded with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Monero at any time for an instant conversion rate into USD and EUR.

The Crypto.com Debit Card allows users to make transactions using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum without ever having to manually input each payment amount into the wallet software, it does this automatically once you have shopped in a store or made an online purchase.

The card also allows instant conversion of currencies while shopping at stores worldwide as well as spending overseas with no fees.


Coinbase Debit Card

coinbase debit card

The Coinbase Debit Card is a popular debit card that allows you to use your Coinbase cryptocurrency account to make payments for goods and services.

It’s not just a card; it’s also a mobile app that enables you to pay with cryptocurrencies from the app itself.

This card can be used with any other debit or credit card or even bank accounts. You can easily load this card up with USD, EUR, USDT, ETH, and LTC using the coinbase app and website in just minutes!

It’s ready to use in millions of locations across the globe, digitally and physically. Pay your bills with a contactless PIN, or you can also go for cash withdraw via ATM.

You can select which crypto wallet you pay with through the different digital apps. Within a few seconds, you can switch between Bitcoin, Binance, and more.


Wirex Debit Card

wirex debit card

The new Wirex Debit Card is a multicurrency debit card offered by MasterCard and is only available to customers living in the UK and EEA region.

This new card launched by Wirex transforms an already cutting-edge existing product that holds around 13 currencies, significantly improving day by day and adding plenty of features to make it easier and user-friendly to spend multiple currencies at any time.

Currently, It is linked to around 10 traditional as well as 8 secure crypto accounts through the Wirex app, offering Wirex debit card cardholders to seamlessly buy, hold, exchange and spend multiple traditional as well as for cryptocurrencies in day-to-day expenses.

State-of-the-art technology enables you to auto utilize available currencies with the contactless Wirex debit card by skipping manual exchange into government-authorized currency or off-board at around 61 million locations across the globe.


Bitpay Debit Card

bitpay bitcoin debit card

The BitPay Debit Card is a prepaid MasterCard that offers convenient and quick transactions. With this card, users can spend their bitcoins in order to purchase goods or pay for services.

Bitpay’s debit card allows people to spend their Bitcoins in order to purchase goods or services from retailers all across the world.

This product is considered to be one of the best options for buyers who want to use bitcoin as a payment method for everyday purchases.

You may incur network fees for both the currency transfer as well as currency conversion, but you are not paying extra BitPay fees for your transactions.



In the current world of cryptocurrency, above mentioned Bitcoin debit card can help you in your day-to-day expenses to buy just about anything.

In 2017, the value of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed. This made the need for a Bitcoin debit card even more apparent.

However, most people are now unaware that Bitcoin debit cards exist in the first place since they don’t know about their features.

Bitcoin debit cards offer a way for people who are new to cryptocurrency or who do not have it yet to spend their digital currency.

They also allow people to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide and send it across borders without conversion fees or exchange rates.

So, don’t wait; choose any of them and start today onwards payments via using a Bitcoin debit card.

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