The 5 Best Avalanche (AVAX) wallets for you [2022 Edition]

This article is all about the best Avalanche (AVAX) wallets to store your coins. If you are someone who has no idea where to store your AVAX coins then this article is for you.

The Avalanche Platform is an all-in-one platform to build and deploy decentralised applications (Dapps) that rivals the Ethereum blockchain and is secure, cheaper, and faster than it.

It provides developers with an easy and intuitive experience to build dapps without requiring extensive knowledge of blockchain development.

It also allows for creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with full governance, and the ability to issue tokens to its own users. 

Avalance blockchain works on POS protocol which means it supports staking and it is imperative that you use your personal wallet to stake your AVAX. 

A personal wallet in simple words is a non-custodial, safe, secure and easy to use wallet that you have either installed on your desktop or mobile. Another example of a personal wallet is a hardware wallet that is highly recommended.

Best Avalanche (AVAX) wallets

On our list of Avalanche (AVAX) wallets, we’ll prioritise those that are well-known, secure, and safe. Hardware wallets, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets will all be discussed.

So, let’s get started

Ledger Wallet

ledger crypto wallet

Your Avalanche (AVAX) coins are kept offline using a Ledger cold storage wallet, which is an encrypted device. It provides an extra layer of defence against the ever-changing threats that come with being online.

The Ledger wallet is a USB device that can link to most software wallets via the Ledger live; the only issue is that you’ll need a USB connection to connect your wallet to a computer.

You can also connect it to a mobile device and for that, you need to buy an OTG cable from Ledger’s website. It comes in a pack of three cables that you can use to connect your wallet to an Android or laptop.

After installing and linking the Avalanche software any user who holds AVAX will be able to send/receive AVAX, tokens that are using the blockchain. They will be also able to use  NFTs, cross-chain swaps, stake, and delegate.

Trust Wallet


Trust wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency software wallet that can be downloaded for Android and iOS. The Binance exchange, one of the most reputable and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, owns it.

Users can send and receive AVAX using the Trust wallet, which supports BEP20, ERC20 and C-chain. Staking is also available for AVAX C-chain under Defi staking.

Trust wallet also supports BEP-721 and BEP-1155 on the Binance Smart Chain in addition to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on Ethereum. Users may relocate their NFTs or buy new ones from crypto markets using the dApp web browser.

Overall, it provides a comprehensive cryptocurrency management functionality by allowing its users to buy, sell, and trade various currencies, blockchains, and other digital assets.


Metamask popup screen

MetaMask was earlier an Ethereum-specific wallet that is very simple to use and has been designed with the user’s convenience in mind. It’s available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browsers.

A few years back they also launched their Android and iOS apps. By configuring Metamask you can access multiple blockchains. Some of the common blochains are Binance smart chain, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche.

In order to configure Metamask to become an Avalanche (AVAX) wallet, all you need to do is select custom RPC and enter the details that can be found in this guide. Using Metamask you will be able to send, receive and manage AVAX C.

You can also connect Metamask to your Ledger wallet using the Avalanche software.

Avalance Wallet (Web)

Avalanche wallet web

The Avalance wallet is a web wallet using which you can send, receive, and stake your AVAX. It is a non-custodial wallet which is simple to use. We do not recommend web wallets as they are prone to phishing and malware attacks.

Therefore always check the URL and ensure that you have an updated antivirus installed on your computer or mobile device to detect malware.

Using the web wallet is quite simple as when you open it for the first time you will see two things side by side. The first one is to access your wallet and the second one is to create a wallet.

When you click on create wallet it takes you to the screen wherein it will ask you to backup the wallet. Backing up your wallet is important as with those phrases you can access your avalanche wallet in case you forget the password, lose your private key or accidentally reveal it.

Coin98 Wallet

Best Avalanche (AVAX) wallets

Coin98 is not just a wallet to manage cryptocurrencies but they claim it to be an all in one Defi platform. It is a non-custodial wallet that supports 26 blockchains and one of them is Avalance.

It is available as a browser extension and also as an app for both Android as well as iOS. As a hot wallet, it provides its users with an experience of being always-connected experience.

Being an all in one Defi wallet a user can swap, stake, lend and manage AVAX. This wallet has live chat support which according to us is a great feature as most wallets do not have live support.

The mobile app supports both AVAX C and AVAX X as their browser extension. It also comes with an integrated dapp browser wherein you do not need to leave the wallet to complete a transaction.

We do not recommend a hot wallet as there can be a security issue but if you are someone who is into decentralized finance then this wallet is just for you.

Wrapping up

Searching for a good and secure wallet to store your AVAX can be a dilemma for anyone who is new to cryptocurrency or someone who is searching for a different wallet as the old one does not fit the requirement.

Thinking on those parameters we have curated a list of Avalanche wallets that will suit our reader’s needs. If you are one of them they do go through this list of 5 Best Avalanche (AVAX) wallets for you.

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