auxilium airdrop worth 10

Auxilium Airdrop: Claim $10 worth of AUXL coins for Free!

Auxilium Airdrop is no longer active.

Are you searching for a genuine cryptocurrency airdrop, then you have come to the right page. Auxilium Global is currently conducting Auxilium airdrop which is worth $10.

To participate in this airdrop you need to read this article till the end and follow all the instructions. If you miss anyone then you will not qualify for the Auxilium airdrop.

What is Auxilium Global?

Auxilium Global is a philanthropic crypto-based company that started Auxilium in 2018. Their vision is to tackle the world’s bad by utilizing the Auxilium blockchain.

Auxilium blockchain is an autonomous platform, with a smart contract, dApps, and tokenization. Auxilium Global will launch the AUXL coin to strengthen its ecosystem. AUXL coins will be used to power the Auxilium Loyalty Platform.

How much AUXL coins you will receive?

Each user who completes all the tasks will get 1000 AUXL coins and each confirmed referral will earn you 100 AUXL tokens.

In total Auxilium global will be distributing $1,000,000 worth of AUXL coins to all confirmed airdrop participants.

How to claim Auxilium airdrop coins?

In order to participate in this airdrop, you need to follow all the steps mentioned below. If you miss anyone you will not get those free coins.

  1. Chat with the Telegram bot.
  2. Clear human verification in order to proceed further.
  3. Join the Auxilium Telegram group.
  4. Follow the Auxilium Twitter account and Retweet the first two tweets.
  5. Like the Facebook page and share the last two posts.
  6. Visit the Auxilium listing on CoinGecko and press the “star” button to add it to your list and press “real” to add all Auxilium calendar events. Optional
  7. Now create an account with your email address at the Auxilium Forum and submit the same email address to the bot.
  8. Download Auxilium Wallet, create a new wallet address, and then submit that address to the bot.
  9. After confirmation, you will be credited with 1000 AUXL coins.
  10. For each confirmed referral, you will also get 100 AUXL coins.
  11. Coins will be distributed after the 31st of October.

Why Auxilium Global is conducting Auxilium Airdrop?

As mentioned earlier AUXL coins will be used to power the Auxilium loyalty platform, this platform will be used by users to earn, win, spend, and utilizing AUXL coins.

This airdrop is being conducted to engage its existing community and introduce new members to its platform before the IEO.

Auxilium is already being traded on Mercatox exchange as AUX token. You can check the price of AUX token here. All AUX holders will receive this token (1 AUX = 1 token) for FREE before the IEO!

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